Nature Immersion

Our modern day lifestyles can create so much physical and emotional stress leaving us to feel overwhelmed and disconnected. This experience is about immersing yourself in Nature in a mindful way, slowing down, using your Breath, engaging your senses and re-establishing your relationship with yourself and the land. Both the Forest and the Ocean have so many healing benefits for us to experience and be able to come back home to ourselves. I will guide you to your preference of the trees or water, with meditations, breathing exercises, reflections, gentle movement & sweet sounds of the flute. Reset your nervous system, and enjoy the healing benefits that Nature so graciously provides for us.

Mindful Movement


Private Sessions 

I currently am offering private individual or group Yoga/ Gentle Movement sessions along the Mendocino Coast.  My influence from Tibetan, Qigong and Energy Medicine practices are brought into my classes by connecting breath with the natural rhythms of our bodies and nature.  I also enjoy offering sound healing using crystal bowls, flutes, and chimes to restore physical and emotion well being.  Suitable for all ages and levels of experience.


Welcome to All Rhythms Wellness

s-spiral-5All Rhythms Wellness offers resources & services to support you in your personal empowerment and in maintaining balance in body, mind & soul by working to build an alliance between your own natural cycles and the cycles of Nature. Flowing with your own rhythm brings you greater energy. All Rhythms Wellness provides education and guidance with nutrition, movement, sound, breath and connecting with Nature for optimal cleansing, clearing, energy and vitality.

If you would like to discuss working together, please contact me.

Vibrational Sound Healing

Sound Healing is an effective and proven modality that vibrationally massages your entire body on a cellular level.  Moving energy through your body with Conscious Breath, guided meditation and the healing sounds of flutes, crystal bowls, gong, harmonica, drums and Earth chimes.  I offer private individual or group sessions in a studio, out in nature or in the privacy of your own space. Prices vary depending on length of time, location, and group size.