“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness which unites your body to your thoughts.”  Thich Nhat Hahn





INHALE….. EXHALE…”HAAAAA”  the amazing power of the breath!  How we breathe has the most profound influence on our quality of life. When I was first introduced to yoga, I became aware of different breathing techniques and the ability to use breath to move energy through my body.  Some of the personal benefits I have received from the Yogic breath are reduced anxiety, feeling present in my body, and an overall sense of calm and relaxation.

My training in Therapeutic breathwork, which is described as, “A transformative healing and growth process, using intention as a tool for reconditioning, opening up and emptying out any limited core beliefs.”  This type of breath work has supported me in taking control of my feelings and emotions, bringing awareness to past experiences and how the energy held around these experiences create patterns in my present-day life.

I offer Therapeutic Breathwork sessions and provide various breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, enhance concentration, balance emotions, and support the release of blocked energy. These are techniques I work with on a daily basis in my personal practice to maintain my overall health and wellbeing.

Benefits of intentional breathing:

  • Regulates pH levels in the body
  • Helps to relieve symptoms of anxiety and PTSD
  • Supports disease prevention
  • Releases limited thought patterns
  • Promotes clear thinking
  • Balances energy
  • Enhances mental, physical and spiritual well being
  • Allows you to connect with your inner healer

Breath is a tool that’s readily available and free!

Effects of poor breathing: 

  • Weakens and creates disharmony in almost every major system in the body
  • Makes us susceptible to chronic and acute diseases of all kinds: infections, digestive, depression, fatigue, headaches, poor blood circulation, and sleep disorders


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