30 Day Health Reset

I decided to try this 30 day Health Reset for myself and instantly felt the shift~ my digestion, sleep, clarity and energy improved. The potency, purity and high vibrational content I was nourishing my body with was definitely being well received, my skin looked amazing! I realized that even though I considered myself “healthy” I was still depleted of important nutrients my body needed, and taking a break from my regular routine was so beneficial.  I wanted to share this with others, so I linked arms with a company that has high standards and is in alignment with my values~ Sustainable, pure ingredients, Earth friendly, community building~  and have collaborated with some amazing facilitators to offer resources to support the MIND, BODY & SOUL throughout your journey. 

This simple, powerful and convenient 30 day protocol was created with the philosophy that by nourishing the body on a daily basis, gently removing toxins, and supporting gut health and nutrient assimilation we can regenerate on a cellular level and return to our natural state of balance and vitality.  It helps reduce inflammation, release toxins, heal imbalances, lower stress, improve sleep, strengthen immunity and increase vitality so you feel and look your best!  The focus will be on alkalizing whole foods and Organic Superfood nutrition as well as self care routines. The products are Organic, non-GMO, activated, live, sprouted and sustainably produced plant based foods with healing herbs. The plant powders have been wind-dried and cold-dehydrated to keep all live enzymes intact.  There are NO fillers, binders, herbicides, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. The extra resources offered during your 30 days are: recipes, Breathwork, movement, Energy Medicine, meditations, check- ins, and self care support.  This is something we offer seasonally in groups or anytime of year individually, to learn more please check out our website Regenerate & Reset and use my referral code: MermaidMagic11 to receive 25% off your order! Please Contact me with any questions you have.

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